Our Construction Services

The REal Help team provides the services your space needs with the level of professionalism and expertise you deserve. Our services include:

  • Framing
  • Tiling &¬†Flooring
  • Painting
  • Cabinetry
  • Drywall Repairs/Installation
  • Brick Work


  • General Repairs
  • Lighting
  • Roofing
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Whole Home Renovations


  • Demo work
  • Mixed Use Buildings
  • Apartment Turnover
  • Move Out Services
  • Dorm Room Turnover
  • Investment Property Remodels
  • And More

Residential Properties

Construction Services

Do you want to turn your house into your DREAM HOME? Whether its that master bath or a whole house remodel, REal Help is here to help homeowners turn their dreams into reality with our expert construction services. With our team of home renovation experts, you can rest assured we can handle your project and take care of your home.

Rental Properties

Construction Services in PA

As a landlord, you have a special set of needs compared to a typical home owner. Not only do you require assistance with the normal maintenance a residential property requires, but you need help with things like rental turnover maintenance, updates and upgrades. And REal Help has the experience and expertise to help.

Investment Properties

Construction Services in monongahela

As an investor you already know, cheap won’t work, fast can create more issues, and honesty is not always present with either. We aim to solve this by seeing the project through your eyes and knowing what your looking for. When you hire REal Help, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that whether you need high end finishes or a simple patch and paint for a quick turnover, we have the experience and skill to deliver. It’s time to increase your ROI with high-quality home construction services.

Commercial Properties

Construction Services for residential

Whether you’re a business owner with an small office or you own a large warehouse that you’re converting for sale, REal Help has you covered. As owners of commercial buildings, we understand (first hand) what it takes to handle large projects and how to increase the owners’ ROI through efficient spaces and value-added touches. Our professional team knows how to complete your renovations, repairs, and upgrades with our high-quality service while keeping your project on track and on budget.